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Pest Control in the Montreal, South Shore and North Shore regions

Tips for Coping with Spider Invasions

Avoid letting spiders settle inside your home or even in your yard. They can enter through cracks, so it is important to control their presence by caulking around entrances, screens and air vents in your home.

When to Contact an Extermination Technician?

Spiders are mostly nocturnal. If you spot one when turning on the light in a room at night, it is likely that there may be others. Inspect the walls, ceilings, attic and every corner of your home. If there are white cocoons, this signals the presence of a large spider population. At that point, the intervention of an exterminator is highly recommended.

Repelling Spiders

  • Reduce lighting around the home (light attracts insects, which in turn attract spiders)
  • Caulk all entries
  • In case of infestation, a technician will apply a spider extermination treatment on the outer surfaces of your home
  • Examine plants, firewood and areas around the patio to avoid bringing spiders inside

If you see an increasing number of spiders

call the experienced exterminators at Extermination Platinum right away. One of our experts will inspect the site and explain the options available to you to get rid of spiders.

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