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Extermination Platinum

Pest Control in the Montreal, South Shore and North Shore regions

Eliminating Unwanted Rodents

As the winter season approaches, mice find their way into our homes for shelter and food. They reproduce at an impressive rate, and you can end up with a colony in no time if you don’t act quickly.

Be Vigilant

Most of the time, mice are carriers of bacteria and disease. These small rodents leave traces of urine and fecal matter in their path. They sneak into the pantry and roam through every room in the house.

Whether you own a restaurant, a convenience store, a warehouse, a grocery store or a house, make an appointment with Extermination Platinum! Our team will suggest a pest control plan that is adapted to your situation. Our technicians will go to your home to determine the degree of infestation, and proceed with the extermination. We serve customers in the Montreal, Laval and Ste-Thérèse regions.

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