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Detecting Rodents in Your Building


The bat is a nocturnal mammal that is characterized by membranes attached to its fore members that serve as wings. The animal moves using sound waves and emitting high-pitched sounds. Bats eat insects and find refuge in attics. Therefore, it is important to block access to the attic.


This rodent is distinguished by its bushy tail and agility. In fact, squirrels travel quite easily from tree to tree, and can jump impressive distances. Squirrels can be harmful to humans if they take refuge in houses and gnaw on wires or equipment.


The rat is identified by its long scaly tail, gray coat and pointed snout. It lives in the country and in urban areas. Rats get into buildings and carry diseases, so it is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible.


The raccoon has a black mask, brown and gray fur and a striped tail. It ventures out to look for food, and will try to it find by any means. This rodent can take up residence in your attic, ravage your garbage and take shelter under your porch.


The mouse is an omnivorous rodent that can be identified by its elongated snout, white or grey fur and long thin tail. The female reproduces rapidly, and may have multiple litters during a year. These nocturnal animals live in outdoor burrows or indoors when they are able to enter homes, barns or any other buildings.

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