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Pest Control in the Montreal, South Shore and North Shore regions

Bug Free Home™ Pest Management, Prevention & Extermination

Bug Free Home™ Packages

Your comfort and safety are our priority here at Platinum Extermination. Our multiple extermination packages are designed to find the best solution to your insect problems. We will remove your current problem while preventing your home against future infestations.

At your request, we offer our services in the same day. No changes in your schedule are required since we know that you have other more important concerns!

Protect your family against these unwanted pests thanks to our Bug Free Home™ treatments.

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Bug Free Home™

Prevention is as important as the extermination treatment itself. This is why our Bug Free Home™ signature pest management program targets insects’ entry points. This method thus provides optimal efficiency and safety to your entire family.

In order to provide you peace of mind, our certified professionals will tell you the locations and the elements most likely to be at risk infestation. Our advice will also enable you to better protect your home against major damage caused by rodents and insects such as carpenter ants.

Our program includes 3 periodic visits during the active period of the insects, which begins after the melting of the snow and runs through November, depending on the arrival of winter. Each visit includes an outdoor watering of your home and a visual inspection.

If we find a problem following the inspection, for example the presence of a wasp nest, we will proceed to its extermination at no additional cost.

Same for Your Family and Your Pets

By choosing our program Bug Free Home™, you protect your family and your pets against unwanted pests without putting them at risk of side-effects associated with traditional treatments extermination. Our certified team uses only environmentally friendly and safe products that rapidly eliminate insects. We only work in the appropriate areas without damaging the plants, trees, furniture and materials in your home.

Our thorough inspection and our treatments will ensure a clean and safe property.
Bug Free Home™ gets rid of:
  • Ants
  • Earwigs
  • Woodlice
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Wasps
  • Rodents

Our service includes watering and an exterior inspection of your property: 3 visits per year.

$30 per month or payment in 3 installments.

If you have problems with insects inside your home after our visits, our experts will come to inspect your property for free.

For a home without insects,

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Bug Free Home Plus™

Bug Free Home Plus™ offers you peace of mind and allows you to conduct your daily indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year. This program includes 3 periodic visits which include outdoor watering of your property, as well as a visual inspection, which will allow you to fully enjoy the summer.

An indoor watering will be performed on our first visit to prevent infestations of rodents and insects, such as ants, earwigs, woodlice, cockroaches and silverfishes. Our treatment is carried out with strict environmental and security products to ensure the health of your children and your pets.

If we find a problem following the inspection, for example the presence of a wasp nest, we will proceed to its extermination at no additional cost. Bug Free Home Plus™ comes with a 6 month warranty against indoors insect infestations.

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Bug Free Home Premium™

Bug Free Home Premium™ is a program adapted for larger houses. This ultimate protection guarantees a property free of insects. We offer 3 regular visits for outdoor watering services from spring to autumn, in addition to a complete interior watering early in the year.

Nos professionnels certifiés inspecteront votre propriété de l’intérieur et à l’extérieur pour déceler tout endroit susceptible d’être un point d’entrée. Ils appliqueront ensuite notre traitement écologique et sécuritaire.

Our certified professionals will inspect your property inside and outside to detect any place likely to be an entry point. They will then apply our ecological and safe treatment. Our program includes a satisfaction guarantee 6 months against any indoors insect infestation. If you are not satisfied, our technician will come for free, since after all, you will be part of the family!

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